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Often completely random events help to open a new area of ​​research. Cannonade great battles in Flanders could be heard in the UK is a "dead zone", and the fall of the Tunguska meteorite in 1908 occurred at a time when the first began to be used sensitive barograph, and here's the result: both these events have caused long-term interest to the study of the heated layer in the stratosphere . Half a century later, the development of photochemistry, stimulate research LA smog helped accelerate the first steps in the study of the composition of the stratosphere and, in particular, ozone, associated with the formation of high-heated layers.
Recently great interest were very simple models of the possible impact of human activity on the amount of ozone in the atmosphere, and many speculative predictions harmful effects of human impact facilitated intensive programs of measuring small chemical constituents of the atmosphere. The first reports on the results of these measurements showed that the distribution of all components, the content of which is subject to large variations depend on the local properties of the movement of air masses, of which there is a paucity of

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information, especially for the stratosphere. At any other time in a more sober approach to environmental problems such events would not attract attention to itself so the public and science could develop in an atmosphere of calm more informed hypotheses.

Studies of the behavior of swarms of locusts have suggested that in many other insects and birds are interesting behaviors in flight, is an important part of the mechanism of survival of these species. Many phenomena in aerodynamics environment were found Gliders. At the same time, the development of radar technology to detect and investigate possible invisible phenomena such as large wave processes in the atmosphere and thermals, which in turn contributed to the appearance on the aircraft radar, using the Doppler effect, and computers, allowing them to determine directly in the flight path of air masses and even small wind gusts.